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  Beijing will be fully canceled for managing phone card open card fee Beijing will be fully canceled for managing phone card open card fee WASHINGTON traffic today, Beijing will abolish phone card open card fee.According to the Municipal Transportation Commission introduced, then, Android mobile phone users and users can watch Hua meter free open "Beijing, Tianjin and interoperability cards" with a cell phone navigate the country more than 300 cities, including Beijing.It is reported that Beijing is the nations first comprehensive open card phone card cancellation fee city.Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that transportation card interoperability is the Ministry of Transport since 2013 began to promote an important livelihood projects.With the gradual popularization of mobile payment in the transport sector, the public is more concerned about the costs associated with.Social concern for the phone card open card fee issue, earlier this year, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission will cancel the phone card open card fees as one of the priorities this year.According to the Municipal Transportation Committee introduced since 2013 to promote and operate a nationwide transportation card interoperability.Up to now, it has achieved more than 245 prefecture-level cities, 89 county-level city transportation card interoperability.The user through the new "Beijing Card" application or the mobile phone "wallet" application for a free open "interconnection of Beijing, Tianjin card", you can navigate all over the city.According to reports, phone card conditions for the opening of an NFC-enabled smartphone.Currently, the brand most Android models can support this business, Apple phone card deposit to cancel the issue will soon be resolved.Users download the "Beijing Card" after completing the registration application in the home page click on "+" sign and follow the prompts can be opened.Beiqing Bao reporter found on the "Beijing Card" and other mobile "wallet" application, the opening of phone card have been shown to "0 yuan" words.Among them, the Huawei "wallet" application that supports the opening of 20 different urban transport card, "Beijing, Tianjin and interoperability Card" uppermost "Hot Offers" area, the whole open card process is very fast, smooth, a few prompts simple step, the opening can be completed within a few seconds.Beijing Municipal Administration and Communications Card Company responsible person, the card company also jointly Huawei, the line "cards free upgrade" service on millet phone, before opening by mobile phone users of non-interoperability cards can be a free upgrade of the original card by phone "wallet" application Beijing, Tianjin and interoperability for the card, so you can enjoy through the brush National Citys convenient.

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