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  12-year-old went into the temple, he was kicked in the Stephen Chow kicked off screen learn The immediate release Yan can not at all like the movie Yiyanbuge on the opening play of Beowulf, his easygoing, have been asked to online rumors "You and release dragons are not related" questions grin, "is not a relative, but the" pro brothers".We practice together before, probably more practice, looks more like it."Acted in" Kung Fu "," Ip Man "," Journey Vanquishing articles ".As a large number of familiar faces in the film, is about to release Yan can start his self-directed film debut in 2020, the "war to end war", although a lot of information but also tight-lipped, but the mere mention of the project he was excited.As an actor, release Yan can long for a star, also longing for the lead role, and later he found that as long as the good play, the role of the size of what is important?"Small" Almost throughout his career - he played one after another supporting role, and numerous front-line actors exchange blows, encounter will fight, will not fight opponents have hit their play, they also have the beat of play, until one day it was discovered, hiding behind the role of people called Yan can release.But he did not lose, but feel happy because it seems from their own heritage action actors mantle closer, he is eager to become a Kung Fu actor than anyone elses successor, once again let the kung fu movie known to the world, "of course its not me of people, including Wu Jing, Zhang Jin, we have to force Ningchengyigu."12 years into the Shaolin kung fu ambition to become an actor different from the cock into the entertainment actor, release Yan can go this route is deliberately resort.After 12 years old, he saw Jet Li movie "Shaolin Temple", the traditional martial arts had a strong interest, but also set a ambition to become action star.Despite opposition from his family went to Zhangqiu Songshan Shaolin Temple.He said just like a movie, like: "Green Paper on the train, no seats, train a launch, a blink of an eye it over ten years.Shaolin Temple day after day, year after year, winter training Sanjiu, dog day of summer practice, no fun, there are no.Winter never worn trousers, jacket, wearing summer clothes, cold to practice; bathe, wash your hair, wash all with a bar of soap."After hard training, the division into the mountains of release Yan can, with a solid excellent real effort to win Stephen Chow, Sammo Hung, who appreciated.In 2003, he stands out from more than 200 applicants, the plays a hermit in the city in the movie "Kung Fu", the martial arts master generous attempts Xia Bank bitter and strong."" Kung Fu "I was really into this industry mark, before really did do one or two small pieces, but far from ideal and.Stephen Chow is a bit cherish director, he and I have obsessive-compulsive disorder, will try to be perfect."He said they would be a playback frame each shot, a little flaw must do it all over, even tens of seconds of kick play, time permitting, he can repeatedly play 50 times.Although it was the same group that did not need his dedication, also complained that "in place on the line, so why excellence."An action movie to really see myself being scared half to death playback until now, release Yan can shoot action scenes never used substitute.He always felt, even then the danger their own personal battle, look good, even if the process was arduous but also allows the audience to remember.But the idea, but also to be able to release Yan repeated dangerous in the filming process, the injured are commonplace.He said that fearless, but looking back to see the monitor scared half to death himself: "" fuse "in one scene, Donnie attack from behind me, but my backhand he stood on hold.From his head when he threw me out, the whole person hit the table, his head nearly touching the ground, each time in retrospect feel Xinchan.If at that time if there is a mistake, it could really be a paraplegic.When the "beat" Kung Fu ", the pursuit of truth, every action he is playing for real, there are three light cast in his Road 12, Tan Legs spot-kick after being dizzy, and some even foaming at the mouth, shock, be taken to hospital for emergency treatment; even Stephen Chow also learn from one off screen was kicked his foot."I always feel it so the moment thing, why not do the best of it.Plus before filming, we all know that I am the Shaolin Temple of King Kong is not bad, every movement I want to complete my contract and company bosses have a face, so we do not always with a kind of life is placing children."However, Yan could not release life the way it was filming Stephen Chow opposition," One time I took a shot after reading Yeh said that after this lens can be used to substitute up.He said the fight is right, drive is full, but the reckless shooting, too dangerous, seriously injured, every minute might make you ruin career as an actor, later ended up never have shot works."He thought," At that time I was really very moved, because he was very concerned about my."No matter the size of the role, as long as the play is worth" after the martial arts ", release Yan can more or less understand the frustration of the entertainment industry, he thought she was a minor celebrity, it may be a matter of course in the leading role, but it did not, to find his role or supporting role, he also felt a passive actor: "I will put forward their own ideas and personal opinions, but often a screenplay is not about an individual may be, it will face a variety of combination of factors, but the actor passive occupation, not around too much."Even so, release Yan can never thought of giving up, although I think when action actor bumpy road, a lot of frustration, a lot of pain, regardless of the size of the role, as long as the play, he felt very worthwhile.After that, he and Donnie Yen, Collin Chou starred in the movie "Flash Point", depicts a very perverse oppressive Henla role Runner; "Kung Fu Jungle" plays Leg Tough aggressive "king of the north leg" Tanjing Yao; "Ye Questions ", played by Wu Chi Lin, with mixed feelings of the country enemies hate and other Japanese karate master race Miura life and death," Journey has Fallen, "" Modern Peking Opera "where has his shadow, although the scenes are not many, but let more and more people remember this face."Sometimes think a lot of seniors, their status to good, work Ye Hao, Ye Hao experience, a lot better than me rich.But they will encounter frustration and dormant, and now as an action actor backbone, were going to take over, going to undertake future action movie."Yan can release said here, speech reveals a hint of pride:" Im actually quite proud of.Small meat Ye Hao, handsome worth mentioning, 1.4 billion people in China too much, you may be this year, next year is someone else.But the action from the actor Bruce Lee to Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Wu Jing, Zhang Jin.Can replace people, I do not think there are too many to each role to achieve the ultimate, much harder to be replaced by people."[Q] Fresh Beijing News: You and Stephen Chow, Andy Lau often work together, what is the greatest feeling?Yan can release: Our performers have in common is very demanding, Andy expect a better than one; Yeh mention, not even a little older extras he can to make each other dozens of NG, until play to the fullest before receipt.There Tsui Hark, director Wilson Yip are very good at digging actor, performance space for everyone, I remember the "Modern Peking Opera" finished a drama we all feel good, but I want to be a better, Tsui Hark that said, encore, any small detail of the show, they all think it is worth, will not easily forget to say, I really like to work with them.Beijing News: This pursuit of perfection reached consensus?Yan can release: These behaviors may investor will be very distressed, because wasting time and resources, but when you really face the audience, you will not regret it, this feeling is too important.Beijing News: a two play was good, may not be defined as Rounds, in your heart of the popular scale where?Yan can release: actors are eager to red, when the actor desire, but more important is that you sincerely to like this job.From a business perspective, I might not have come out traffic or some so-called stars of variety so hot coffee out of the atmosphere, but I still think the actors basic core still works, there are excellent works job.Beijing News: You chose this road really hard and very dangerous, filming, family worry about it?Yan can release: there are too many people advised me not to, but that are consistently far over the top with me, investors would advise you to get by on the line, lighting, photography will urge you did not light the lamp, but I still I want to do the best.In fact, my ear because too many beat the game, since the state is deaf, but I do not regret it, because you do not fight is not impressed by the director.Even workers in the field are not impressed, impressed the audience how you go?Beijing News reporter Zhou Hui Xiaowan

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